Its About the Tasting

A Wine-Tasting Party is a great way to try various types of wine and to enjoy some adult company at the same time. If you have friends who are, or if you are a wine enthusiast, this theme can be lots of fun. However, pick your guests selectively as not everyone has an interest in wines or appreciates the qualities of a fine wine.

How it works:

One of our wine hosts will plan the evening with you and help you organize a great wine tasting experience for your guests.  You invite 10 or more of your friends and family for a fun and educational wine tasting evening.

You decide with your wine host which style of wine tasting and at what price point you would like to use for your tasting event. All our wines are very carefully crafted to broadly appeal to wine lovers. On the evening of your tasting event, your wine host will bring the wines and ensure a great experience for you and your guests.

All packages include:

  • Methods for tasting Wine
  • How wine is made and other factors influencing the style of wine
  • Key grape varieties
  • Highlights of  your wine selection
  • Ideas for Food and wine pairing